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    Brake Pads

    All of our brake calipers, with the exception of Brembo F08 are supplied without brake pads.  This affords our customer the chance to purchase the pads most suited to their particular brake disc and application. 

    We are not brake disc experts, we do recognize the complex nature of matching pad material to brake disc material and application. 

    Generally there are 2 rules:

    1. Organic pads are for use with cast iron discs
    2. Sintered pads are for use with rotors constructed from harder materials such as stainless steel. 

    Many of you will already have preferences for brake pads, by type, by manufacturer  or by application.  For those of you that don’t we offer the following:

    i) Brembo F08 - supplied with Organic pads as standard equipment

    ii) Brembo P4 30/34C    #20.5165.xx

    • SBS 5-40GF              #107.4426.43
    • Ferit ID 450FF           #107.4426.54

    iii) Brembo P4 30/34F    #20.6800.xx

    • Toshiba TT 2802        #107.6708.11
    • Ferit ID 450FF            #107.6708.10

    **Brake pad photos courtesy of TAW Performance, the North American distributor for Brembo.