In a world where many things are mass produced in Asia our philosophy is to manufacture our product in the communities in which we live utilizing skills and processes that combine the very best of "old school" craftsmanship with modern precision engineering and materials. We make reproduction motorcycle components with enhanced functionality, lighter weight and finer finishes than the original items while retaining the original "classic" look.

Most of our castings are made in the USA and the balance are made in Canada. Gun Drilling, specialist machining and processing is all done in England, Canada or the USA by small highly skilled family owned companies. As a sourcing practice we set a simple goal, "If we don’t know the owner of the company and don’t have their direct phone number then we will not buy from them". This ensures we have the personal interest of the owner and the commitment of their organization to our values, our quality standards and our way of doing things. It has been our experience that occasionally an employee of a supplier actually recognizes a component they are making. This happened once when an individual recognized 38mm replica Ceriani fork tubes and commented "I have not seen these since I sold my 750 Laverda 30 years ago!"


Some components were originally of high volume manufacture for production motorcycles. An example of this would be our reproduction 38mm Ceriani style forks made in their thousands for Ducati, Laverda, BMW and others. It’s not possible to use the same techniques to produce our replicas and so we have taken a step back in time to a period when things were a bit slower paced. We have traced some of the original OEM parts manufacturers from Italy and the UK who supplied the original components back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. An example of this is Ariete in Italy who made the original fork oil seals and dust boots for Ceriani! We use the very same seals and boots from Ariete for our product.

For castings our methodology is faithful to low volume "sand cast" operations of days gone by. Take a look at the pattern shop in the photo on the left making the wood pattern boards we use for our castings. Truly, old-world craftsmanship produced by artisans with many years of experience using nothing except their skill and a box of carpenters hand tools. We are proud of this work and confident this is the best blend of old and new world skill designed to bring you a quality and superior riding experience.

An old world approach does not mean to say modern technology is not used to ensure accuracy of reproduction as well as dimensional and quality control. Many of our reproduction components are reverse engineered from original period parts that we own. To do this accurately we employ CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) equipment to establish exact dimensional, topographical and positional information. We produce a 3 dimensional drawing and then reviewed it to establish the most appropriate manufacturing technique.

We can modify the drawing dimensions to compensate for damage, imperfections or wear to the original component before we create a plastic model from a 3D printer. If necessary we can use the same SOLIDWORKS™ drawing file to build a casting mould to reproduce the part.


All machining, with the exception of Gun Drilling, is exclusively completed on modern multi axis CNC controlled lathes and milling machines. Our sub-contractors have established quality systems but the batch size of components we produce is so low each individual part essentially gets 100% inspection at every manufacturing step. This care and attention to detail is just not possible in modern high-speed production.

Bought in components are similarly controlled; for example, all our fasteners come from a single supplier that is ISO registered and critical raw materials such as metals are source controlled.

Finally, a word about the environment; our products are packaged in recyclable materials, our cardboard boxes have a recycled material content, we use shredded paper as stuffing and all bubble wrap or "peanuts" are all bio-degradable. Some of our products have surface treatments including Alodine on the magnesium parts; these treatments are all RoHS compliant.